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It takes something special to share your personal or business
story with the rest of the world... it's called COURAGE

The COURAGE Magazine Global is the perfect space where women share their stories, secrets and golden nuggets of running successful businesses.

By advertising in COURAGE not only will you gain authority in the industry but you will be a part of a global mission, networking and connecting with women featured in the magazine. You will encourage other women to follow their own vision and become the leaders they truly are!

Advertise in COURAGE Magazine Global 
by choosing your preferred package from three options: 

Take Part in a Global Mission to Unite Purpose-driven Women

The Digital Publication that can be Shared Over and Over

Receive Support in Marketing, Branding & Leadership

Take Part in Creating Unity and Equity

Gain Credibility and Authority

Increase the Visibility of Your Business

Build an International Reputation

Put Your Business in the Spotlight



Get the exposure to support those who are looking for your services.

Choose Your Tier:

Gold Tier - $997

 (Total $8,325)

1. Full Page Advert Design (value $350)

2. Double Page Spread Editorial Design (value $550)

3. Support with Copywriting for your Brand Messaging (value $200)

4. Promotional LIVE Interview on Socials Promoting Your Offer (value $50)

5. Four Months of Advertising (value $3000)

6. Pro Image Editing (value $150)

7. Business Logo Advertised on the Courage Mag Global Website (value $70)

8. Opportunity to be Featured on the Cover in a Future Edition (value $3000)

5. Social Media Promotion (value $400)

9. Social Media Promotional Assets to Keep for Own Use


– VIP invite to speak at the Women of COURAGE Summit 

– Personalised Business Branding Support (value $355)

– Monthly Marketing and Mindset Coaching meetings (value $50 p.m)

Silver Tier - $597

 (Total $4,475)

1. Full Page Advert Design (value $350)

2. Support with Copywriting for Your Brand Messaging (value $200)

3. Four Months of Advertising (value $3000)

4. Pro Image Editing (value $150)

5. Social Media Promotion (value $400)

6. Social Media Promotional Assets to Keep for Own Use


– Personalised Business Branding Support (value $355)

– Monthly Marketing & Mindset Coaching Meetings (value $50 p.m) 

women in leadershipp

Bronze Tier $377

(Total $3,400)

1. Full Page Advert Artwork Provided by You

2. Four Months of Advertising (value $3000)

3. Social Media Promotion (value $400)


– Personalised Business Branding Support Social Media Promotion (value $355)

– Monthly Marketing and Mindset Coaching Meetings (value $50 p.m.)

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Make yourself uncomfortable daily,
that's my best business advice for future female CEOs

— Edith Wolek —
Founder and CEO of Emperors Media

What do customers say?

Ronnie Lo

Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

“Do you want great work without the stress – the stress of meeting deadlines, corrections, not being heard, not being understood, and getting mediocre results, AND you want it at a fair price! Edith listens. She not only follows up with your instructions, but she guides you with creative and experienced recommendations, ideas, and samples. Then she executes responsibly to meet your timeline no matter what. I knew that when Edith said she would have my final Social Media Banners complete and ready for use, even though it was a Friday night and I needed them by Saturday, I would have them ready to go! I did not have to worry because Edith Wolek is a woman of her word. Edith understands honourable customer service because it is her nature and because she is a working mother, wife, and entrepreneur, so she “gets it”! Edith gives what she expects. Edith created colourful modern social media banners for an online summit. I have recommended her to others for their needs in audio and video editing. I would never recommend anyone I did not trust. She can furnish you with marketing, web and social media materials, print work, online work, and designs for your product packaging. She makes sure your branding suits you and that it all goes together to convey your spirit and message, both in design and in the written word. Contact Edith and feel sure that is one piece of your project puzzle about which you can feel at ease and confident! 💯🏆 “


Lisa Ben

Seo Analyst at ArCorp Tech

Thanks to Edith at Emperors Media, for editing and adding my animated logo which are now on my new YouTube channel. Please turn to Edith if you need video post-production or design work!


Samar Elatta

Business Agility Strategist & Executive Coach at AgilityHealth

I loved Edith’s attitude and getting me out of overwhelm when I was feeling it. The landing page was created and I was happy with it, an amazing job on the promotional graphics and quick turnaround. Can’t Thank her and her team Enough.

courage magazine global, women
courage magazine global, women
courage magazine global, women

It takes courage to follow your vision
and keep on going!

You got this!

women in leadershipp


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